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How I help

I am an experienced psychologist who has worked in the field of neurodevelopment for most of her professional career. I am midway through a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology - Advanced.  I'm passionate about achieving great outcomes through collaborative practice for young people with complex and challenging needs. I work with parents to understand their child and builds their capacity to support their children. 






Parent Sessions

I have a limited number of one on one parent sessions available online.   The psychology support offered to children is often delivered through parent education and upskilling, and encouragement along the way. 

this is suitable for you if:

  • You need support for your child with autism, ADHD, anxiety or behaviour concerns

  • You want to learn about your child and their difficulties

  • You want practical strategies to implement




Online Course

There is a big demand for child and family support right now - you are not alone!  This means my availability is limited.  I am working behind the scenes to support a growing team to help more families.  I'm also creating an online education program to help parents with the psychology education that is often the first step.

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Hear me speak!

I am available for education and training events. I have done guest lecturing at the University of Queensland, and clinical workshop series for  people working with children like Paediatricians, allied health professionals, teachers and support workers. I have presented parent information events and love the broader impact this type of work has.  I love talking without being seen too - so reach out for a podcast episode!

Topic suggestions:

  • Child Development

  • Understanding ADHD, Autism, Anxiety and Learning Difficulties

  • Managing behaviour difficulties

  • Practical Parenting Strategies for unique kids

Extra bits and bobs:


I'm looking for ways to increase the positive impact I can provide.  If you know how we can work together on this, please reach out!

You can listen to my Podcast where I talk about topics commonly raised by the parents I see.  Get in touch if you have ideas for future topics, or would like to collaborate!


Listen here.


Reach out & let's chat!

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