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What's Circle of Security?

The Circle of Security™ is a program that helps parents understand how their child needs them to react. It builds a solid relationship (attachment) that is the basis for the rest of child development, including managing behaviour!

Parenting can be hard work and it’s normal to feel lost some of the time. It’s not always easy to work out what your children need from you. It’s not always easy to respond to their needs.

The Circle of Security™ parenting program is based on decades of research about how to strengthen and support secure parent-child relationships.

About the Circle of Security™ The founders of Circle of Security International developed the early intervention program after years of clinical experience in family therapy and systems theory. They have dedicated several decades to research, confirming the many ways that children benefit when they are secure, from enhanced school readiness to improved relationships for life. Circle of SecurityTM helps parents and caregivers improve their own awareness of their children’s needs, giving parents the tools to strengthen parent-child relationships and raise secure children.

Enhance your parenting skills. Learn effective ways to understand and respond to your child’s moods and behaviour.

At my practice in Brisbane, Paeds in a Pod - our team can guide you through the Circle of Security™ in a four-week COSP abbreviated program designed to really help you make sense of what your child needs, so you can give them the best in return.

Find out more or register here: Paeds in a Pod

I am a Circly of Security trained facilitator too! If you're not in Brisbane, or would prefer an online platform, join the waitlist for Circle of Security online with me here:


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