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My mission

My mission is to support parents of kids with developmental differences through psychology education so that they can be their child's best cheerleader and advocate.

About Leanne

in five dot points

  • Registered Psychologist

  • Allied Health Director at Paeds in a Pod

  • Mature* Masters Student (*well almost mature)

  • Online course creator

  • Parent of three


hey there!

Leanne Tran Child Psychologist



It's tough parenting kids who don't fit the mould. You've tried a hundred things and you're out of ideas.



I've read loads of books and worked with loads of families over loads lots of years. I find flexible strategies to fit the mould. 



My evidence based ideas  applied to your intuition can make sure your hard work pays off, sets your child on the right course, and make parenting fun.

Now I want to help

My story began when I was in high school and wanted to be a teacher, before switching to study psychology.  I realised that I wanted to teach to make lives better, and found my place learning about people, families and children - and helping people gain the knowledge and skills they need to improve their day to day.  It's been 20 years that I've been working with children and families, while raising one of my own. 

That's almost 20 years helping families:

  • understand what their kid needs that's different to other kids

  • know which things are important and which things parents can let go

  • teach kids skills like managing emotions, problem solve, and get along with others

  • reflect on what's important and focus on the big picture to take the stress out of the day-to-day


Then in 2020 the world fell apart, and people needed support more than ever.  I've switched to Telehealth, and created a team to try to help an ever-growing number. 

Today, I'm doing things differently.  My clients get access to all the psychology education that would usually be offered in the first weeks of intervention - so you can start to change things at home on your own, feeling confident and enjoying family life again. 


Wherever you live

Let's work together

& make amazing things happen

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